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Wood Fence

Out of all our clientele, wood fence installations are our most requested! The compelling aspect of wood fencing is the uniqueness in styles that you can choose. Check out the information below to find out more about the different options you have!

Solid Style Traditional Fence

This style of fence is the most widely known of all wood fencing, due to its characteristics. Solid style fencing allows for great privacy and is aesthetically pleasing!

Even though you don't have to, most customers will stain their fence. Staining your fence can not only make it last longer, but look even better! The added protection layer of stain gives the fence an edge against insects and wear and tear. 

Solid dog ear picket fence

Picket style fence

Stockade style picket cedar fence

Picket style fencing offers a unique twist on your standard fence.

Adding a fence to your property not only adds value to your home, but curb appeal as well! 

Ask us what different styles are available - we would be more than happy to design something that sets your fence apart!

Shadowbox fence

With the traditional solid style fence, typically, due to town rules, your neighbor enjoys the "nice" side of the fence. This isn't a bad thing but some homeowners would like to enjoy the board side as well. The answer? Shadowbox fencing! 

Shadowbox fencing puts a board on either side of the fence, allowing a very small gap in between. This style is pretty common and looks great!

Pressure treated dog ear shadowbox wood fence

Board-on-board fence

Solid dog ear board-on-board wood fence

For some homeowners, privacy is their number one priority. What better way to ensure privacy than having a board-on-board style fence installed?

Board-on-board fencing is exactly what it sounds like - each board is placed a certain distance apart with another board placed on top to cover the gaps. Not only is this good for wind protection, but also keeps your privacy as the boards shrink!

Horizontal fence

Looking for a unique design? Check out this horizontal western red cedar fence! 

This horizontal fence offers the same privacy as the Solid Style fence above but is built with hidden metal posts. With this installation choice, you have the "nice" side on both sides!

Horizontal cedar wood fence

Custom Fence

If you're interested in a fence design that is not shown above, please contact us! We'd love to help design your project and make your dreams become reality! Below are a few of the custom fence installations our team has completed.

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