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Commonly Asked Questions

3 rail black aluminum fence between wood posts with solar caps

Do I need a permit to install a fence? What about an instrument survey?

Permits vary depending on each town which is why we ask that each homeowner apply for the permit themselves. Homeowner may visit their town’s website to inquire of required documents for obtaining the permit. Please note permit application fees may apply.


Upon successful submission of the permit application by homeowner, Steadman Fence will submit required insurance information, if needed.

As the homeowner, you are responsible for the location of your fence so an instrument survey is highly recommended.

How much is charged for a fence estimate?

Steadman Fence provides free fence estimates! If you are looking to remove, repair or install a fence, give us a call!

Can i use a combination of different types of fence in my project?

It is not uncommon to have different material types of fencing for one project. Steadman Fence has installed some projects with both chain link and wood fencing or aluminum and chain link - check out the photo here as an example!

2 rail black aluminum fencing with black chain link for the rest of the yard
3 rail cedar split rail with custom scalloped cedar wood gate

Should I tell my neighbors I'm having a fence installed?

Yes - this is something we highly recommend!  It is always a good idea to let your neighbors know you are thinking about building a fence. Most of the time they won’t have any opposition, however, some neighbors can get pretty worked up on the subject of fences. Your neighbors might dispute the fence layout and/or your adjoining property line.  Moving or removing a fence is disheartening for everyone involved.  We recommend airing this out before Steadman Fence arrives. 

No matter what the situation is, communication is best!

What are the specifications for installing wood fences? 

All wood posts are pressure treated unless homeowner decides to use a metal post. Posts are placed between 24 inch – 32 inch deep. Each post has between 100 – 120 lbs. of concrete.

How long is Steadman Fence's Workmanship warranty?

Pressure treated spindle top double drive wood gate

The warranty is 3 years. Please see our terms and conditions sheet for further information

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